Big Data and Analytics

We live in a world progressively determined by information. How your organization defines and adopts its Big Data strategy and approach makes it critical to compete in the future. Big data not only revolves around dealing with high volume data but also deals with what is done with it. It enables you to answer question of cost reductions, time reductions, optimized offerings, smart decision making etc.

Real Time Analytics

With the highly active and demanding business conditions these days, organizations are producing high volumes of data. Relying on refreshed data has become critical more than ever now. Previously, we compromised to capturing, storing and then making an attempt to derive insights from data warehouses. However, with changing business scenarios, organization are now realizing the importance of continuously analyzing the data as it is captured, in other words, real time analyzing of data.
Kapstone takes a groundbreaking approach to analyzing real-time big data so that you always take the best decision with accurate projections. Kapstone’s approach blends capabilities for continuous and real-time analysis of stored big data combined with the ability to take immediate process based action on the discovered insights.
We leverage you to uncover and analyze actual business patterns from live streaming data and proactively respond.

Big Data Visualization Solution

In today’s world where big data is set to offer companies a tremendous insight, begs a question: How to present this big data in a way that business leaders can quickly understand and use? The solution to this problem is the presentation of data in pictorial or graphical format. Therefore, data visualization is becoming an increasingly important component of analytics in the age of big data. It enables people to see analytical results presented visually, find relevance among the millions of variables, communicate concepts and hypotheses to others, and even predict the future.

Visualizations help people see things that are not obvious to them before Even when data volumes are very large, patterns can be spotted quickly and easily.

Kapstone empowers business users and analyst to easily visualize, analyze and report data across multiple dimensions easily. These solutions typically enable users to explore data without much training, making them accessible by a wider range of employees than traditional business analysis tools.


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