KP Innovation Center

Our Solutions complement our implementation service and are delivered through a range of support models, including subscriptions, workshops, training programs and project-based engagements. We work closely with clients to embed our tools, analytics and expertise, and provide on-going support to help them build the capabilities they need to revolutionize how decisions are made.

  • Higher Education Connector
  • Standards-based connector framework
  • One-Click Integration
  • Higher Education specific solution
  • Pre-built templates for IAM deployment
  • Recommendation engine on Big Data platform
  • Plug and Play Big Data Ingestion frame work

Higher Ed connector factory with out of the box connectors for blackboard, moodle, sakai, people soft campus HR and office 365

Standards based connector framework for a variety of LMS, ldap and DB based application systems.

Single click integration process and templates for integration with cloud based applications like Workday, Salesforce etc

Higher Ed specific solution templates for managing higher Ed specific challenges like –

  • Contractor account claiming process
  • Adding/Associating parent accounts to student accounts
  • Password reset through one time pin
  • Seamless account access through multiple devices – iPad, iPhone or desktops

Pre built process oriented templates for guiding an IAM deployment through industry best practices. This includes –

  • Multiple role management
  • Data quality templates

Personalize Recommendation Engine built on Big Data platform for Online Retailer

  • Better personalized marketing email
  • Increase in click ratio and conversion to orders

Plug and Play Big Data Ingestion frame work for Business Users

  • Easy to use platform for Users to interact with Big Data
  • Feature for Data Discovery and Predictive Analytic


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