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We strive to be the Trusted Advisor on our client’s business problems by understanding the critical
elements of their business requirements and providing innovative, affordable and sustainable technology solutions.

Secure your enterprise

Identity and Access Management

IAM plays a crucial role in helping organizations to streamline their internal operations, secure their enterprise and to obtain an integrated end-user experience. We give you 360-degree visibility into user access across internal, external and Cloud-based applications.

Technology driven services to reduce cost

Managed Services

Deploying an IAM solution is important but maintaining that IAM solution can present state an even greater challenge. Looking after a successfully deployed solution with continuous support is vital. At Kapstone, our world class off-shore delivery team works 24/7 to deliver this unmatched support ser...

Accelerating big data analytics

Intelligent Identity Analytics

Intelligent Identity Analytics solutions provide insights on operations, customers and employees. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards and leverage you to uncover and analyze actual business patterns to proactively respond.

Taking it to the next level

Cloud Security

Kapstone provides the complete Cloud security program lifecycle including assessment, strategy, optimization, implementation and managed services.

Identity and Access Management

In today's world of enterprise mobility, organizations need to govern and enforce user access across multiple channels. Poorly handled user identities across multiple business applications lead to poor productivity and compromised security. With our IAM solution we help you boost your productivity.

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Identity Cloud Service / IDaaS

The EBS-IDCS bridge integrates your EBS User repository with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Oracle Identity Cloud Service can reconcile with EBS so that any new, updated, or deleted user records are transferred into Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Because of this reconciliation, the state of each record is synchronized between EBS and Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

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Identity and Threat Analytics

We live in a world progressively determined by information. How your organization defines and adopts its Big Data strategy and approach makes it critical to compete in the future. Big data not only revolves around dealing with high volume data but also deals with what is done with it.

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Cloud Security & Compliance

Clouds are everywhere; every major software vendor has his own cloud - Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon's AWS, Dell Cloud, Intel Cloud, HP Cloud, SAP Cloud and the likes. As an organization migrating to cloud, which cloud best suits me? Public, Private or Hybrid?

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Our Services


We work as an integrated firm with one methodology across all geographical areas. Our approach enables us to allocate project to the right people, at the right place and at the right time. Our expertise helps clients like you to manage risk, improve performance and sustain results everytime.

Kapstone offers Advisory & Health Check services, which help organizations, plan and streamline their IAM needs and initiatives.

  • Identify and plan deployment roadmap with both short term (3-6 month) and long term (1-3 years) objectives and goals defined.
  • Help customers improve performance and reduce risk in their IAM initiatives.
  • Identifies potential issues, provide recommendations and define optimal end state outcomes.
  • Deploy Discipline before technology – Define process and controls.
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Kapstone offers end-to-end implementation services tailored to help organizations achieve their business objective. The IAM deployments are always tailored with an eye on business objectives and by ensuring that small incremental wins are obtained periodically throughout the project.

Implementation services in the following domains:

  • Oracle Identity Governance / Provisioning / Attestation
  • Oracle Access Management / Single Sign On, Adaptive Access Management, Oracle Mobile & Social
  • Web Services Security / OAG
  • Database Security (Data Masking, Database Audit Vault & Firewall, ASO, EUS, Database Vault)
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Managed Services

The successful implementation of an IAM solution is the first step towards the success of the project. Once successfully deployed, continuous care and supporting the system becomes critical. Kapstone understands that with the complex IT environment that many clients possess, the care and support of an additional system can be challenging. Through a mature and world class offshore delivery center, supported by a dedicated onsite support team; Kapstone offers 24-7 support services to its customers.

  • 24X7 Support
  • Active Monitoring & Health-check of critical systems
  • Identifies potential issues, provide recommendations and define optimal end state outcomes.
  • Patching and Performance tuning
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Training and Education

To get the best of your investment, we can help you get the best out of your people. Kapstone’s training services provide full range of training solutions to help you get most of your products, maximize your IT efficiency and implement IT best practices.

With our vast and in-depth expertise, we offer you a comprehensive range of training services to the people who need it the most in your organization.

Our courses are designed and delivered by industry experts based on proven training methodologies. Our training modules are flexible such that employees can learn at their own pace and follow industry set best practices.

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