About the Company

A leading Hotels & Resorts company in United States and one of the top hotel franchisors across the world having several iconic brands in more than 9000 of locations.

The Challenge

The company had to implement a new product for analytics and to govern its access and privileges they need data to be in synch with salesforce to OKTA. The current solution was very time consuming and was prone to server failures and needed operational maintenance and was slow enough to cause customer service tickets spike by users due to delays in data consistency across the system.


Kapstone proposed and implemented a serverless solution using Amazon Web Service (AWS) which would meet all the needs of the company. salesforce data source was integrated using services like API Gateway, Lambda and SQS. Two types of Lambda were deployed, one was proxied by API Gateway for external system to pull required privileges for which logic was embedded into lambda and other was the continuous processor of salesforce data to okta with use of SQS so to control API throttling rate and failures if any at OKTA. To achieve security, used AWS Secrets Manager to hold all endpoints, username and password for third party applications in a secured way. Least access privileges were given to end users of the data lake. Set up a monitoring using AWS CloudWatch which helps in investigating through services logs in case of issues.

The Benfits

As a result, highly-available serverless solution was built to handle near to real-time data. Serverless services helped in order to reduce management overhead. The process of user-provisioning reporting was automated to reduce the work of business users. Implemented serverless and independent services architecture with robust and scalable solution to handle bulk load for new data.