Cloud Security & Compliance

Security First is Kapstone’s Approach

Kapstone AWS team brings you the latest cloud security to strengthen the current security posture of your organization. It has been a common thought among the organizations to not to share their data over the cloud platform due to utmost concerns related to security and data protection. And due to this, the problems that can be avoided, these organizations are decreasing the efficiency of their businesses.
Since our inception, security has been the primary building block for us. Kapstone Team has come up with a prominent enterprise security system (KapSec Unified Vulnerability Management and Kapstone CloudSecurity Analytics) to ease up all your needs.

We understand the complete lifecycle of cloud security, and we have covered all the essential domains of it that includes:

  • Network Security
  • Data Security
  • Host Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application Security
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Cloud Access Security

Broadly, there are four key focus areas Kapstone will look into penetration tests in your AWS Cloud:

  • Your externally accessible cloud infrastructure
  • Data Security
  • Any application(s) you’re building or hosting.
  • Your internal cloud infrastructure
  • Your AWS configuration itself

Kapstone’s AWS Security Team will focus on your user-owned assets, identity and access management user permissions configuration, and use of the AWS API’s integrated into your AWS Cloud ecosystem.
For example, targeting and compromising AWS IAM Keys, Testing S3 bucket configuration and permission flaws, establishing access through Lambda backdoor functions, and covering tracks by obfuscating Cloudtrail logs. This approach means that the client-side components are tested—not the actual AWS instance.

Kapstone offer security services provided for AWS Cloud :

  • Identity and Access Management provides controls for assured identities and access management.
  • Data Loss Prevention monitoring, protecting, and verifying the security of data at rest, in motion and in use in the cloud and on-premises.
  • E-mail Security provides control over inbound and outbound email, thereby protecting the organization from phishing and malicious attachments, enforcing corporate policies such as acceptable use and spam and providing business continuity options.
  • Security Assessments audits of cloud services or assessments of on-premises systems based on industry standards.
  • Intrusion Management the process of using pattern recognition to detect and react to statistically unusual events.
  • Security Information and Event Management systems accept log and event information.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are the measures designed and implemented to ensure operational resiliency in the event of any service interruptions.

Components of Kapstone’s Cloud’s Security Consulting Service – Security in the Cloud lifecycle
Kapstone’s AWS Security Consulting team can help you with the complete security lifecycle, or just advice on a segment. Kapstone assess, design, implement, monitor and manage your AWS Cloud security.

  • Security Compliance

    • Gap Analysis
    • Compliance
    • Config, Processes, tools
    • Security Design
  • Implementation

    • Implementation Design
    • Application Security Implementation
    • Implementation Testing
    • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment

    • Scan Infrastructure & Services
    • Identify Vulnerabilities
    • Remediate
  • Penetration Testing

    • Test Vulnerability
    • Exploit Vulnerabilities
    • Remediate

“More about Cloud Security”

Clouds are everywhere; every major software vendor has his own Cloud – Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon’s AWS, Dell Cloud, Intel Cloud, HP Cloud, SAP Cloud and the like. As an organization migrating to the Cloud, which cloud best suits our company or oraganization-Public, Private or Hybrid? Getting into Microsoft or SAP or Oracle cloud is like tying your company to a specific cloud service provider-much like a particular software vendor technology platform! It appears you have a lot of choices in Cloud, but unfortunately you are constrained to a specific provider in a subtle way!

Welcome to Kapstone Cloud formations; a radical new approach to leveraging the best of the Clouds. Cloud Computing is real! It is the next big thing after the dawn of the Internet. Cloud Computing is going to impact the lives of everything. It will change the way people use computers, change the way IT operates, change the way IT services. As a consumer of Cloud Computing, how do I navigate the cloud? Each cloud provider has his own level of complexity, nothing is as easy as shown in their product demos.

Kapstone occupies a unique space between the Cloud providers and the end user customers. We understand that Cloud Computing can be a challenging task for any organization, large and small. Kapstone core services bridge the complexity of various Cloud service providers and organizations desiring to use Cloud Computing for their IT – the layer know as the Cloud Service Broker.

We transform complexity to simplicity with the following:
  • Simple easy to use point and click toolset to track, provision, scale, manage and secure cloud resources.
  • Single point of support to resolve all issues related to products and cloud services pertaining to any cloud provider we partner with.
  • KapStone SLAs drive quality, covers and enhances the SLA of the cloud providers.
  • Cloud infrastructure and administration services across all cloud providers we partner with.
  • KapStone provides development, test, QA and Production migration from on Premise to Cloud.
  • KapStone provides on Premise and in the Cloud OBIEE technology implementation and application analytics customization services.
  • KapStone ODL™ serivces are also leveraged for corporate IT OBIEE project development.


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