Identity and Access Management

In today’s world of enterprise mobility, organizations need to govern and enforce user access across multiple channels. Poorly handled user identities across multiple business applications lead to poor productivity and compromised security. With our IAM solution we help you boost your productivity.

As organizations quickly adopt cloud services and mobile apps to boost their productivity and cut cost, they are constantly faced by the dual challenges of Access management and managing user identities. Another key aspect that is equally critical is the decision to give the right access to the right individual expeditiously without compromising on security.

As there is no central storage for managing users, organizations usually end up having users in different forms in different business applications and thus data co-relation and consolidation becomes a major challenge. Simple processes like onboarding and off boarding of users can take one to two weeks, thereby seriously hampering the overall productivity of the organization.

Kapstone helps in leveraging access management by regulating access to data through policy-based control of who can use a specific system based on an individual’s role and the current role’s permissions and restrictions.

Data Access Governance

With the rise of complex and multi-level business applications, organizations realize that controlling data is vital. Mistakes in handling the flow, leaks of sensitive data, security breaches etc, can lead to frustrated users, loss of productivity and even impacting intellectual property in some cases.

Kapstone’s data access governance solutions give you a 360-degree visibility into user access throughout your organization. Our data access control tools ensure efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility to be prepare for future industry advance.

Security Appliance

Securing organizations network today is an acute concern of all organizations. Network security stands as a company strategy ensuring the safety of its vital assets. End point security and data protection have become crucial, to securing corporate networks.

Kapstone delivers cost-effective and comprehensive network security solutions. Our solutions help you to eliminate investing in multiple network security solutions while maintaining the highest level of network security.


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