About the Company

One of the largest utility service providers in the United States, servicing approximately 4 million customers in more than 300 urban, suburban and rural communities, including New Jersey’s six largest cities. The company serves the population in an area consisting of a 2,600-square- mile (6,700 km2), diagonal corridor across an East Coast state in the United States.

The Challenge

The company used legacy Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems deployed on premises. As the customers grew, the number of hits to the site grew exponentially, resulting in increased downtime. Major downtimes were encountered during dire need, especially during natural calamities when customers required the site up and running. Considering these growing downtime issues, and the need to serve its growing customer base, the company decided to move to an efficient solution which would be faster, more secure, reduce downtime, and most importantly, be cost-effective.


Kapstone proposed and implemented a solution using Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Azure which would meet all the company’s needs. We refactored the APIs and used AWS Lambda to host it which were previously consumed by the core application hosted on Azure VMs. The Lambda endpoints were protected using the API Gateway and were exposed to the core application. AWS CloudWatch is used to monitor the logs generated by the Lambda Functions and API Gateway. We developed and deployed Admin application in AWS for call center employees, with capability to report customer activities and analytics.